To Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province

Welcome to the websites of Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province!

Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Province is a functional department about social administrative affairs management of provincial government, mainly responsible for special social administrative transaction management, primary-level democracy construction, social assistance and social welfare, service army and national defense construction etc.. The Department deals with the rural primary-level democracy and community construction, disaster relief and assistance, special care and pension, arrangements for demobilized military personnel, programs for the elderly, social welfare, non-governmental organizational management, administration division and place names management, marriage registration, funeral and interment management, adoption registration, settlement of emigrants, issue of welfare lottery, welfare business administration, etc.. The work of civil administration concerns people's livelihood, the people's profit and civil rights, keeps close links with mass interests. According to the request of important thought of “Three Represents”, all cadres and workers of the Department will remember well “ mass interests do not have minor matter ”, base themselves on the people, overcome difficulties for the people, serve the people and do practical and good work for the masses.

The websites of the Department will make great efforts to show systematic civil administration regulations, the latest policy tendency, exhaustive government affairs guide to everybody, solve problem and doubt, remove difficulties and sorrows. We will listen attentively to people's heartfelt wishes, accept the social supervision and offer good service with the largest enthusiasm.

The channel of connection has already been laid, the bridge of communication has already been erected. We believe that under the care and support of everybody's, the websites of the Department are sure to be special, better and better. The civil administration undertaking is sure to be more and more prosperous.